7th Grade

Mission Statement
As educators of 7th grade, we will do our best to provide students with classes and activities that will keep them fully engaged, close any gaps that we have, and increase the achievement level in our rooms.  We will do our best to meet or exceed the goals set forth by our district and state as we diligently work towards the biggest goal, the EOG.  We will do so by giving different types of assessments that will allow all of our students to do their best and challenge them to reach a higher level of education and become focused learners.

Social Studies

Levi Baer

Shawn Sigmon

Rhonda Waugh


TJ Brinkman

Michael Burgess

Lisa Kasprzak


Brittany Frye

Henry Hall

Cynthia Hilkert

Lindsay Watts


Debbie Epps

Cynthia Hilkert

Breanna McNamara

CoriAnne Gallina